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Nurture My Natural is a natural hair care salon located in Fort White, Florida. Nya Vaness, owner and operator of NMN, specializes in the creation, maintenance, and overall care of natural and loc'd hair.  Nurture My Natural's purpose is to educate and enlighten the natural ebony community on how to correctly care for their specific natural hair. 

You're Invited to a "Loc Learning"!

Schedule a free, no pressure consultation, then grab a few friends and come on over to learn your natural over conversation and cocktails.  Enjoy a thorough 20 minute consultation, free WIFI, eats n treats, entertainment, and free gifts at the Nurture My Natural Home Salon.
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The average time for loc maintenance is 2 hours, however; a consultation must be conducted to render an accurate time frame and quote. The prices below are starting prices.

New Locs - Comb Coils: $60
Instant Locs: $60
Loc Maintenance
      Palm Rolling: $60
      Interlocking: $60

Loc Manicure - this is when the frizzies are pulled into the loc, along the sides and on the ends. Manicuring adds density and a cleaner look to your locs. : $75


During your 20 minute consultation we will;

- learn your hair type.

- learn your porosity level.

- get an understanding of your hair history and goals.

- understand your hair types' needs and how to correctly care for your locs.

- find out the maximum amount of time the process could take.

Your time and rate quotes are based on the following;

  • Your hair length
  • Your hair density
  • The current condition of your hair. For example, locs that have not been maintained in over 3 months may take longer than the usual 2 hours.


loc learning consultation at Nurture My Natural

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 Note to Repeat Customers:

 Appointment Cancellations

Please honor our time by texting Nya @ 904-586-1775 within 24 hours of your appointment if you are unable to make it.

No Call / No Shows may incur a $50 Inconvenience Fee on their next visit.

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