Nya's Gifts is a Sole proprietorship owned and operated by Nya V. The company is headquartered in Gainesville, Fl. Starting under the name 3rd Eye Cafe 5 years ago, Nya's Gifts now offers more services and products to better fit your Life & Style.

Nya's Gift's mission is to personalize your life, from your home, to your style, to your life. We make and personalize kitchen ware, home furnishings, apparel, jewelry and fashion accessories.  We also create personalized experiences for your house guests and special occasions.

Our short-term objective is to offer our products and services by mobile gift truck. This will allow more customers to enjoy our brand and what it offers.
The long-term objective is to offer our products and services at craft fairs and festivals all over the southeast region as well as in our online store.

10 years from now Nya's Gifts will boast a fleet of gift trucks, offering gifts and services to potential clients all over the US! 

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