The Making of the Monogrammed Tri-Light Lamp!/Reverse-Engraved-Monogrammed-Tri-Lamp/p/97136711/category=0 
Here's an awesome gift idea you probably haven't thought of.  Get em a monogrammed lamp!  It's useful, energy efficient, and it's got their name permanently engraved into the surface! 
This particular lamp was painted and reverse engraved, this results in a clear monogram on a frosted background, giving the monogram the Perfect Pop.

So the lamp has 3 settings and if you are familiar with my Tri-Light Lamps then you already know this, but it's time for an update.  We'll adopt an easier, less redundant name - "The Tri-Lamp".

So the 3 settings include;
1st click, = Bottom - inside decor lights
2nd click = Top - bulb/top light
3rd click = Both lights

I made you a little video so you can see it in live action...

Now that you see how it works let me tell you how it's made! 

1st the stencil was cut and adhered to the surface to be sand etched.  The rest of the bottle was taped away to focus the blast on art, not the bottle. 
After blasting the art, I covered the area in tape and removed the tape that was protecting the bottle.  Then the bottle was ready to be painted white.

Then came the wiring. I spent an hour fighting with soldering and troubleshooting the settings on this lamp.  Finally, I went for a walk.  I came back rejuvenated and ready to...recruit some help.  😜 We got it working! It was a faulty bulb, after I 'Promised it wasn't the bulb!".   SMH.  Shame on me.

So here is the semi-finished lamp. 
Looks wonderful with the stencil still on doesn't it? 
Alas the golden moment of truth! 
And it's a winner!
Do you see that "Perfect Pop" I was telling you about earlier? 
Pink is the recipient's favorite color thus, pink lights were chosen for this lamp. The inside decor light color can be changed to blue, red, clear or multi-color, for a more festive look. 

That's it!  The Reverse Engraved Monogrammed Tri-Lamp.  
Cute, useful, unique, and personal.  Isn't that what every gift should offer? 

Happy Holidays!!/Reverse-Engraved-Monogrammed-Tri-Lamp/p/97136711/category=0

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