Coming Soon: Nya's Gift Truck!

Nya's Gifts is hitting the road with it's very own Gift Truck! Follow the journey and building process of the new mobile shop all the way to Grand Opening Day!

When considering the outside design, We would like to keep things simple; a logo and a simple yet bold design should do, right?  coming soon nyas gift truck

 So the company colors are red, black, and white and I wanted to see what a black and white striped design would look like underneath the logo. I think i like! Which design would you like to see rolling up to your signature party?

PS. The stripes will be aligned correctly on the real thing I promise! LOL!


Now I'm not much of a doodler but lately I've been so excited about this mobile store that I had to put the thoughts on paper.  Makes it a bit more real, you know? Below are the 1st doodle concepts of Nya's Gift Truck.

The entrance will be furnished with Cookies & Coloring for the kiddies and plenty of enticing signage!


Once inside the boutique, along the left wall you will be greeted with the current Daily Deals and refreshments to enjoy while you browse the Nya's Gifts Portfolio. It's full of more custom made-to-order items that you may not currently find in the mobile store. 

Take a step forward to explore tees, clothing accessories, fashion accessories, and gifts.


Approaching the right wall you're greeted with an Opt-In wall full of all the fun stuff you can do to get free stuff from Nya's Gifts. Sit and have treat while you complete an Opt-In form of your choice.

Browse custom engraved and monogrammed glassware, bakeware, serveware and more wares for your home. Then, upon the next panel of customizable wares are photo displays, candles, flower jars and vases, throw pillows, home decor and practical home furnishings.

Whew! Where's that deep breath emoji when you need it?!?

Finally, as you exit you are invited to pick up a goodie bag. Just us sayin' "Hey Thanks for coming in!"


 That's all we've got so far! When the physical truck is acquired, these drawings will be transferred to graph paper to put this baby to scale!

So what do you think so far? And no, not about my drawing skills. I know they need work. LOL!

Your opinion is valuable to me. How could I make this interior better, cooler, and more awesome for you?

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